PCT dimer works flawlessly with any parylene deposition equipment.


PCT'S dimer is more than 99.9% pure. The purest available on the market.


Great quality product, made afforadable for you. 

Type | N

The base structure of the parylene group. Parylene N offers the highest dielectric control that does not vary with changes in frequency.

Crevice penetration


High dieletric strength

Type | C

The most common type of dimer, providing a useful combination of barrier and dielectric properties while also having the fastest deposition rate. 

 Very low permeability to moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive gases.

More protective against gases than type N

Most versatile

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"We have been working with Paracoat since 2013. Over the last 8 years Paracoat has gone above and beyond to meet requested and expedited ship date. There quality is excellent as well as their on time deliveries. I highly recommend them for any customers who have needs for Parylene coating."

Cline Labs 

“ I almost didn't believe the quality of this product the first couple times using it. It still blows me away, recommend it to all fellow businesses that need to coat in house! ”

Kathleen Meyer

“ When I first starting using PCT I didn't have their machines, but their dimer was still compatiable with the machine I had at the time and STILL HAD AMAZING RESULTS! I now use both their machines and dimer, wish I would've started with their equipment - it's just so easy to use." 

Walter Davidson